TWR Women of Hope Cebuano (Philippines)

"My life is lost in the dark. I thought nobody was interested in listening to my struggles and was afraid to share about them for fear people would laugh at me. But when I heard the program Women of Hope, I knew that there was still hope left for me."

This listener speaks from the heart of many women in the Philippines. Alone, struggling with past hurts and present worries, they are afraid of being rejected by family and friends. They isolate themselves, convinced that no one cares about them. Thankfully, radio programs are available to Filipino women, but those who suffer in isolation need more than radio broadcasts. They need personal counseling with a trusted friend who will love them unconditionally.

To reach Cebuano-speaking women in the Philippines, TWR produces the Women of Hope program. With practical advice for her spiritual life and spiritual guidance for her relationship with God, TWR Women of Hope seeks to heal the whole woman. Not only are women being helped through this program, but men as well, who seek advice from the program to better understand women and their family's needs.

Every month, Women of Hope in Cebuano receives around 300 text messages, as well as e-mails and letters, from women thanking TWR for the ministry or seeking Christian counseling. Every day, lives are being changed and hearts healed through TWR Women of Hope in the Philippines.

You can play a part in bringing hope to the women of the Philippines by praying and investing financially in this life-changing ministry. Your gift will help us make a lasting difference in the lives of women trapped in spiritual darkness and despair.

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