TWR Women of Hope Burmese (Myanmar)

TWR started the Women of Hope program for suffering Burmese women in July of 1999. The teaching offers encouragement to Burmese women of all ages by bringing the love of God to them, and offering them the comfort of knowing Jesus as their personal Savior -- who alone can save them from their sins. The hope they need is clearly presented each week in this 30-minute broadcast in the Burmese dialect.

Please consider a monthly donation. In a year’s time, a monthly recurring gift of only $10 pays for translation and production of one Burmese Women of Hope, a monthly gift of only $16 pays for one weekly 30-minute broadcast, and just $26 a month pays for one complete program (T and P plus the airing). Your gift will help TWR Women of Hope continue to give hope to women every day!

No gift is too small to help. Thank you for your partnership in giving and prayer.

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