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TWR Women of Hope Roma (Gypsy)

As in the other Eastern European countries, the Roma in Albania were big losers in the economic and political changes of 1989-1990. While being fully employed during communism, their participation in the mainstream economy diminished to nearly total unemployment after 1990. Today, the economic situation of the Roma in Albania has not yet improved much. They are poor, with an unemployment rate several times higher than that of the non-Roma. Moreover, their housing conditions are far from ideal, and they face much discrimination.

TWR’s national partner in Albania feels a burden for the Roma and is adapting the scripts of Women of Hope to Albania's local Romany language of Alrinx, or Romany Macedo. In addition to regular Women of Hope programs, there is a daily, 10-minute prayer calendar aired, and there will also be four workshops offered. These initiatives will benefit Romany woman, children, and entire families, as well as the local Church. Listeners will learn how to take better care of themselves while being introduced to the one who has the solution for their problems, Jesus Christ, the Savior of their souls.

For $14 you can become part of this project by sponsoring the production and airtime of one valuable minute of this program. A gift of $28 would have double impact. Please consider partnering with us today!

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