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TWR Women of Hope Nivacle (Paraguay)

The indigenous Nivacle people are spread out across the Paraguayan Chaco area and parts of Argentina. Many Nivacle women are nonliterate, and for them, life is very difficult. Opportunities to hear the gospel are limited, though audio versions of the New Testament are now available and being used on local radio stations. In addition to the daily concerns they carry, Nivacle women also need biblical instruction to better understand the gospel and their relationship with God.

To meet the needs of Nivacle women, Trans World Radio is producing the Women of Hope program in their native language. Broadcast from the local Christian radio station "The Voice of Paraguayan Chaco," the Women of Hope Nivacle program is heard throughout Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia. Through these broadcasts, women can find answers to their physical needs, such as health concerns and childcare, as well as answers to their spiritual questions and how to grow in the knowledge of God.

Your gift of just $25 can help Nivacle women experience the lasting hope and peace of Jesus Christ.

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