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TWR Women of Hope Nepali

Although approximately half of Nepal’s population is female, Nepali women do not enjoy equality with men. Violence against women is common. Many are trafficked and forced into prostitution or bonded servitude. Others endure various forms of abuse, ranging from emotional to psychological to sexual, sometimes within their own families.

TWR Women of Hope has had a tremendous effect on the lives of women worldwide through prayer groups, community outreach and the radio program Women of Hope. TWR Nepal is using this global example and tailoring it to fit Nepal's unique culture. Through Women of Hope in Nepali, suffering and isolated women will find comfort, consolation and encouragement. The program will feature relevant topics that address spiritual, physical, psychological and social needs. Reaching through their pain and darkness, we desire to bring the hope and love of Christ to women, in order to lift them up and rebuild them as daughters of the King.

We invite you to join us in reaching out to the women of Nepal with the restorative love of Jesus Christ. Your gift of $100 or more will make a tremendous impact.

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