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TWR Women of Hope Ilocano (Philippines)

Raniag ti Namnama is the Ilocano-language counterpart of Women of Hope, TWR's successful radio program designed specifically for women. The title points to the wholistic nature of this program, dealing with women's physical, mental, and spiritual health, and presenting the Word of God in relation to their needs.

While the Ilocano-speaking Filipino population can understand the common language of Tagalog, they prefer to listen to programs in Ilocano. Raniag ti Namnama does precisely this, speaking into listeners' lives in the language of their hearts.

By partnering with women leaders in the Filipino Christian community, TWR-Philippines seeks to not only build up listeners through the program, but also to link these same listeners who seek help or advice with local church partners. In this way, the program not only presents abundant life, but also links women in need with women who can help.

TWR Women of Hope is making a real difference in thousands of lives all over the world. Please join with us in changing the world—one life at a time—by supporting this Women of Hope ministry in the Philippines.

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