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TWR Women of Hope Africa

"Thank you very much for the Woman of Hope program. I just listened to it, and it helped me so much. I wanted to kill my children and myself so that we could have peace in heaven. I attempted to do it last Friday, but failed. I was diagnosed as HIV-positive and am five months pregnant. I was abandoned by my husband two months ago. My children will not go to school this year. I can’t find a job because of my pregnancy. My father died 10 months ago; my mother is very sick. I can’t buy food for my children. I always pray, but my soul is contrite. Help me! Thank you.” A testimony of praise from a woman in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

Women across the continent of Africa face unimaginable horrors from wars that never seem to end; natural disasters that steal their families and homes; diseases that ravage their bodies; poverty and illiteracy that leave them struggling to merely survive. And worse, many are trapped in the silence of their pain with no one to speak on their behalf or listen to their voices in need.

To reach these women, TWR created Women of Hope, a ministry of compassion, encouragement and hope to women worldwide.

TWR Africa is airing the Women of Hope radio program in 12 languages, with several additional languages in the development stage, giving listeners spiritual insight, practical advice for themselves and their families, and a global perspective on the needs of women. TWR Women of Hope also gathers thousands of men and women across Africa together in a global prayer movement, uplifting the plight of women before the Lord.

A gift to TWR Women of Hope Africa will assist workers in providing materials and training, producing radio programs and meeting the dire needs of women across the African continent.


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