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TWR Women of Hope Afghanistan

In these days of great turmoil and change taking place in Afghanistan, we have the opportunity to be God’s instrument to prepare millions of women – and their children – to build a better future on the hope of Jesus Christ through TWR Women of Hope Afghanistan.

As many women live out their faith in silence, the Women of Hope radio program broadcasts feature special testimonies, audio drama, interviews, and inspirational music. The programs are culturally sensitive and use spiritual applications to address the specific health, educational, emotional and spiritual issues that women face in Afghanistan in the Pashto language.

Each program provides guidance and hope through Lessons for Your Life and Lessons for Your Soul. Each life lesson, is practical and relevant such as how to care for your own physical health, is followed by a spiritual segment that introduces the listener to the truth of the gospel.

Your gift today will bring hope to Afghani women, especially in the midst of these troubling and uncertain times.

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